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My name is Taoumi Ahmed, an official tour guide for more than 35 years. We will show you Tangier and Morocco with a great pleasure. Come to see us.

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Tangier Private Guide

One of the most beautiful regions of Morocco, the Tangiers-Tetouan is becoming one of the most sought after destinations in the Mediterranean. Indeed, because of its proximity to Europe, Mediterranean climate, Tangier cosmopolitan character, its rich historical heritage, its spirit of tolerance, coexistence its intellectual potential and its geographic immeasurable, Tangier-Tetouan region has charmed its visitors singularly , from around the world. The Tangier-Tetouan region, by its very pleasant climate, is an ideal destination whatever the time of the year. The Tangier-Tetouan region is a crossroads of civilizations and religions whose cultural resources allow many themed routes and rich discoveries.As mingle waters Médirerranée and Atlantic at the foot of Tangier, also mingle European cultures, Arab and African. A mix that seduces and fascinates its visitors and its inhabitants.

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