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“Welcome to discover different cultures in the same city”

An atmosphere of mystery

A white city star of a lot of movies and a city of many stars!

Our absorbing tour shows you the best of Tangier’s and Morocco. Bound by many centuries of history, Our Several Organized tours offer the visitor the most diverse and interesting sights ranging from impressive monuments and colorful folklore in Marrakech to the exotic intrigue of Tangier Morocco, with its ancient imperial cities and bustling Medinas.

The medina of Tangier is a real one: Streets are narrow, houses in many different styles, and most of this medina is in good condition. That is a proof that even people with some money both live and work here.
The medina is quite big, and there are many commercial areas. Most of these serve the tourist traffic, and it is more difficult to find any areas where real handcraft is performed.
Other areas are solely devoted to living, and there are plenty of nice houses, painted doors, decorated gates and rose bushes all around.

A walk along the Atlantic side of Tangier is really charming. Only few houses have managed to put their feet down before the hill becomes too steep. And by some strange coincidence history has made this into the poorish people’s quarters.
Whenever you walk around here, you’ll ask yourself in such a European way: Do they know that they live in the best part of the town. Because, who could want more than the great view of the Atlantic and the wide and empty beach.

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