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Language English, French, Portuguese, Spanish
Price 85,00 USD for excursion
Capacity Group of up to 10 people Duration 8 hours

We will begin this private tour from visiting a lovely city in the northern part of Morocco – Tetouan. It is interesting to know that the name of the city literally means “the eyes”.

There is also a figurative meaning – “the water springs”.
It is one of the most important ports in Morocco and offers numerous attractions for the tourists and travelers from all over the world. We will have a little walking tour in Tetouan, and first of all we will visit the Boulevard Mohammed V in Tetuan and the Royal Palace (The King\’s Palace in Tetouan) – the Mechouar.

Afterwards we will enter the medina and explore its narrow maze-like streets. By the way, medina literally means the old city. There are various medinas all over Morocco, and these old districts are car-free, and sometimes even bicycles and motorcycles are prohibited there. At this point we will return to Tangier and continue our private tour there.

As your private guide in Tangier I will be assisting you during the tour, and sharing all the interesting information concerning the places we visit. Here we will also visit medina and reach the St. Andrew’s church, which is considered to be the legacy of the Americans, who lived in Tangier. We will also visit the famous Gran Socco Square, where Mohammed V was holding a historically significant speech about the independence of the African countries.

All the private tours in Tangier include visiting various markets, where you will have an opportunity to buy souvenirs and gifts for your friends.




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