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After a pick up, we will drive along la Corniche (central beach) and visit the eastside of the city. Then we will continue on through the Boulevard (ex. frensh section) where you can enjoy a nice view overlooking the port and the spanish coast in clear days.
Then continue to Iberia and California residential area with nice and luwerious chalets, villas and palaces and heading to Spartel cape (a meeting point of the Atlantic with the mediterannean), then keep driving along the coast for a while and visit the mythical Hercules caves. After, we will drive the outskirts of the city and go to discover the traditional face of Tanger starting our walking tour visiting the Kasbah (a fort built in the 15 th century) doing first Henri Matisse Schedule (during his 2 nd visit in 1912-1913) the famous french painter did some fabulous painting of several places of the Kasbah: Main gate, mosquee, marabout, and others…
Then we will visit the archeological museum and continue to the medina walking through coloufull narrow streets and visit the fresh fruits and vegetables market, where you are going to see an interesting presentation of olives.
After we will see gardens of the Mendoubia whith its 800 years old banion tree, see Saint-Andrews church and the sidi Bouabid berber market, the gran socco and more ending up having a mint tea in the petit socco (a little square where a lot of artists got part of their inspiration during their stay in Tangier like Paul Bowles, Williams Burroughs, Paul Morand, Pierre Loti, Van Dongen and many others….)

PRICE :   42 Euros a person for private groups ( 2 to 6 persons).




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